Monday, February 15, 2016


The studio is preparing to release the first long awaited trailer for the series this summer. Series Creator/Director, David Quintana, claims to have never stopped working on the series; instead he's given time for much of the previously released work to fade out of the minds of Internet interest, in an attempt to bring in new fans that he feels will give this series a widen-open chance to run its course.

And its not a bad strategy, especially since just two years ago some of the previous actresses were stalked by members of the "Bionic Woman" Hero genre, constantly leaving sexist remarks and requesting "suggestive" photos of those previous actresses for private and tasteless reviews of the actresses doing what they enjoy doing; acting in front of the camera.

David says that most of the problems that surfaced rapidly due to most of the previous actresses being under-aged, but being over protected by the watchful eyes of both parents and the production staff; leading to some of the previous studio ideas to be thrown out and being re-written for a new actress that came to take the role.

"Sometimes just watching a TV show or series isn't enough" says David. "There are some sick people that just watch these projects to catch a moment of weakness in a young woman. It really sucks when an actress feels like she's been violated with their pictures and video being manipulated and posted on adult sites on the web. These young women have rights and we [the studio] wanted to ensure that those issues would never happen again."

As the studio entered production in 2016, something became more apparent for the studio project; the fact that Dru Marie Rovito was the leading lady for this project. One to always handle pressure with an uncanny mature spirit, Dru seemed not to shy away from being put in situations that most actresses would shy away from. 

"The first big step for Dru came when she was asked whether she wanted to continue with the project or not" recalls David. "She had tons of school to complete and tons of traveling happening in her personal life, but she was committed to the idea of the series and she felt that this was the best thing for her to be part of in the thespian heavy field in Southern Texas."

Recently, several scenes were shot during a blistering cold day in South Texas. A small town area was set up to present a scene in France, where Dru's character, Rachel Sommers, is forced to confront a bad guy that might lead to future story lines if the mini-series is extended.

"We were on the set and David wanted me to have fried, wet hair" Dru says while she's laughing. "I have a thick head of hair, so it was all wet down and combed back. I stood in a windy breeze way for like an hour and then we started filming. On the first few takes, I thought my hair going to break off, but the look amazing and I got what David wanted to catch on film. I looked so different and blended in with the other actresses on the set. I was tough to spot in the scene and that made things work really well."

When she was asked out her part in the production, "I think putting things on hold until I was older was a good move." She said with a grin. "I worked on fighting skills and weapons handling during the break and I'm the best of shape I have ever been since I was back in school. I look great in the 'super suit' that is required for the show and I know that this show have a few surprises for those fans that loved the Bionic Woman. I'm ready or this thing to launch."

Kelly Bleichner
Contributing Writer