Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Over the last year and a half, I have been contacted by fans all over the globe asking questions concerning the release of the BIONICA Web Series. Many have pondered whether the series is real, just a promotional pipe dream, or whether the studio actually had any intention to produce the webs series from the start. 

That was until last summer when the studio released a fantastic issue of the Quantum Storm E-Magazine with inside photos and liner notes from the actors and actresses involved in the project. The e-mag also exposed subscribers to some behind-the-scenes information on the original casting to the series and the actresses who were passed on early in the series production.

What's best is that the studio magazine was never designed to go to print, but in Europe, some smart people got together and printed out paper versions of the magazine special and made some great headway with bring in a new line of fans. The numbers to the Bionica Facebook page surpassed expectations overnight and we were shocked to learn that Bionica has a duplicate Facebook page in Germany which posts updates from the studio e-magazine and inserts from previous video interviews of the cast and crew, which are just now hitting the web in the U.S.

For those of you who who continually pass on getting a subscription to our most informative studio e-magazine, your just now going to learn that BIONICA has already hit the small and big screen. The insight to the first and second episodes to the web series were received with a standing ovation for it's homage to the original Bionic Woman series and keeping with certain sound and visual effects from the original format.

The idea to Bionica was never to surpass the special effects used in the original series to make the web series epic, but to update certain features of the special effects to give a better feel for how the effects have grown without using CGI and other 'non-real' film effects. So far, all of our efforts have paid off and the fans enjoyed the look of the show and the story that follows along with the idea of changing up the new technologies which have passed over time, giving everything an 'upgrade'.

But to make things clear, this series has not been a priority with the studio. It is being produced entirely on our own time and without any funding what-so-ever. We have worked on other studio projects which have budgets and investors who desire to see products completed as described on their budgets and scheduling with us. So, over the last two years, its been an endeavor to get cast and crew together to work on free projects which might only prove to be successful with fans on the short run.

As to why what's been produced hasn't been released to the entire internet world, is solely due to my decision to not release it that way. I found it a little unfathomable that Bionica was getting bad press two years ago. Not because of anything the cast and crew were doing, but more about some local drama with Facebook hecklers which were [and still do] troll about the production of the series and posting personal and tasteless 'anonymous' comments. 

And I know that that's part of the movie/film business, but these were personal attacks from people who were removed from production and some parents who were not happy that I made big decisions against some untalented people to keep the series idea alive. In the end, time was the best ally to force those idiots away, and even though we proceeded with production, the pressure was never there but a burden which could have prevented the inside story from being told to the series fans.

So in the end, the quietness has prevailed and the series is getting ready to get a true send off like it was planned to do two years ago. All of the hard work by the actresses who stepped up to assist in preparing the studio for a bionic leap into existence, I salute you all. I'm sure everyone will look at their attempts as something to admire and regulate in the final version of the web series when it posts online for all to see.

Being bitter for so long over some decisions that an amateur director had to make is surely just another hurdle that had to be crossed to make their special dreams at modeling, cooking fries, or what-ever, makes them happy now that they were not a part of this extended project which demanded absolute commitment with no promise of being reimbursed for their efforts; but they were still a part of the project, and I thank them all.

On to greener pastures for me, too!

David Quintana