Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Some fans following the development of the series have asked us to re-post the test-footage of Episode Zero starring Sara Thrash.

The studio released news this past weekend on a video interview that BIONICA will launch this summer.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The studio released sneak peeks for the new BIONICA studio project which has now entered full production. On the cover of the studios vaunted award winning e-magazine is Dru Marie Rovito, the leading actress of the studio project which is garnering a large number of Internet fans around the globe. Production on this mini-series has not skipped a beat, even after going into a long hiatus of holding back production notes and promotional advertising for over a year.

Over the course of Rovito's involvement in the studio project, the writer of the series changed course on presenting the characters abilities in a more secretive and clandestine approach, giving the actress more room to present the characters true nature in using her abilities complete missions, instead of just showing off what she is able to do. The studio has always claimed that the series will present the character more as a spy, than a teacher or a science project that has to be presented showing her abilities to appease Bionic fans and Bionic fandom.

Dru is said to be handling the promotional aspects of the project very well, and will be more than pleased to be given the reigns to pursue other projects when the mini-series is complete. Viewers can expect to see at least six episodes of this mini series starting in July. The series will have several trailers and a super sneak peek by the end of Spring. 

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Monday, February 15, 2016


The studio is preparing to release the first long awaited trailer for the series this summer. Series Creator/Director, David Quintana, claims to have never stopped working on the series; instead he's given time for much of the previously released work to fade out of the minds of Internet interest, in an attempt to bring in new fans that he feels will give this series a widen-open chance to run its course.

And its not a bad strategy, especially since just two years ago some of the previous actresses were stalked by members of the "Bionic Woman" Hero genre, constantly leaving sexist remarks and requesting "suggestive" photos of those previous actresses for private and tasteless reviews of the actresses doing what they enjoy doing; acting in front of the camera.

David says that most of the problems that surfaced rapidly due to most of the previous actresses being under-aged, but being over protected by the watchful eyes of both parents and the production staff; leading to some of the previous studio ideas to be thrown out and being re-written for a new actress that came to take the role.

"Sometimes just watching a TV show or series isn't enough" says David. "There are some sick people that just watch these projects to catch a moment of weakness in a young woman. It really sucks when an actress feels like she's been violated with their pictures and video being manipulated and posted on adult sites on the web. These young women have rights and we [the studio] wanted to ensure that those issues would never happen again."

As the studio entered production in 2016, something became more apparent for the studio project; the fact that Dru Marie Rovito was the leading lady for this project. One to always handle pressure with an uncanny mature spirit, Dru seemed not to shy away from being put in situations that most actresses would shy away from. 

"The first big step for Dru came when she was asked whether she wanted to continue with the project or not" recalls David. "She had tons of school to complete and tons of traveling happening in her personal life, but she was committed to the idea of the series and she felt that this was the best thing for her to be part of in the thespian heavy field in Southern Texas."

Recently, several scenes were shot during a blistering cold day in South Texas. A small town area was set up to present a scene in France, where Dru's character, Rachel Sommers, is forced to confront a bad guy that might lead to future story lines if the mini-series is extended.

"We were on the set and David wanted me to have fried, wet hair" Dru says while she's laughing. "I have a thick head of hair, so it was all wet down and combed back. I stood in a windy breeze way for like an hour and then we started filming. On the first few takes, I thought my hair going to break off, but the look amazing and I got what David wanted to catch on film. I looked so different and blended in with the other actresses on the set. I was tough to spot in the scene and that made things work really well."

When she was asked out her part in the production, "I think putting things on hold until I was older was a good move." She said with a grin. "I worked on fighting skills and weapons handling during the break and I'm the best of shape I have ever been since I was back in school. I look great in the 'super suit' that is required for the show and I know that this show have a few surprises for those fans that loved the Bionic Woman. I'm ready or this thing to launch."

Kelly Bleichner
Contributing Writer

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Over the last year and a half, I have been contacted by fans all over the globe asking questions concerning the release of the BIONICA Web Series. Many have pondered whether the series is real, just a promotional pipe dream, or whether the studio actually had any intention to produce the webs series from the start. 

That was until last summer when the studio released a fantastic issue of the Quantum Storm E-Magazine with inside photos and liner notes from the actors and actresses involved in the project. The e-mag also exposed subscribers to some behind-the-scenes information on the original casting to the series and the actresses who were passed on early in the series production.

What's best is that the studio magazine was never designed to go to print, but in Europe, some smart people got together and printed out paper versions of the magazine special and made some great headway with bring in a new line of fans. The numbers to the Bionica Facebook page surpassed expectations overnight and we were shocked to learn that Bionica has a duplicate Facebook page in Germany which posts updates from the studio e-magazine and inserts from previous video interviews of the cast and crew, which are just now hitting the web in the U.S.

For those of you who who continually pass on getting a subscription to our most informative studio e-magazine, your just now going to learn that BIONICA has already hit the small and big screen. The insight to the first and second episodes to the web series were received with a standing ovation for it's homage to the original Bionic Woman series and keeping with certain sound and visual effects from the original format.

The idea to Bionica was never to surpass the special effects used in the original series to make the web series epic, but to update certain features of the special effects to give a better feel for how the effects have grown without using CGI and other 'non-real' film effects. So far, all of our efforts have paid off and the fans enjoyed the look of the show and the story that follows along with the idea of changing up the new technologies which have passed over time, giving everything an 'upgrade'.

But to make things clear, this series has not been a priority with the studio. It is being produced entirely on our own time and without any funding what-so-ever. We have worked on other studio projects which have budgets and investors who desire to see products completed as described on their budgets and scheduling with us. So, over the last two years, its been an endeavor to get cast and crew together to work on free projects which might only prove to be successful with fans on the short run.

As to why what's been produced hasn't been released to the entire internet world, is solely due to my decision to not release it that way. I found it a little unfathomable that Bionica was getting bad press two years ago. Not because of anything the cast and crew were doing, but more about some local drama with Facebook hecklers which were [and still do] troll about the production of the series and posting personal and tasteless 'anonymous' comments. 

And I know that that's part of the movie/film business, but these were personal attacks from people who were removed from production and some parents who were not happy that I made big decisions against some untalented people to keep the series idea alive. In the end, time was the best ally to force those idiots away, and even though we proceeded with production, the pressure was never there but a burden which could have prevented the inside story from being told to the series fans.

So in the end, the quietness has prevailed and the series is getting ready to get a true send off like it was planned to do two years ago. All of the hard work by the actresses who stepped up to assist in preparing the studio for a bionic leap into existence, I salute you all. I'm sure everyone will look at their attempts as something to admire and regulate in the final version of the web series when it posts online for all to see.

Being bitter for so long over some decisions that an amateur director had to make is surely just another hurdle that had to be crossed to make their special dreams at modeling, cooking fries, or what-ever, makes them happy now that they were not a part of this extended project which demanded absolute commitment with no promise of being reimbursed for their efforts; but they were still a part of the project, and I thank them all.

On to greener pastures for me, too!

David Quintana

Monday, May 19, 2014


Fans have spoken up for months and the studio has chosen to respond with a special look at a fantastic Independent reboot of the Bionic Woman in BIONICA.
The studio reported that there are no more obstacles to slow the shows production for the now planned fall release of the series opener. Just this past weekend, the studio completed a long term military location shoot with BIONICA's leading lady, Dru Marie Rovito who takes on the role of Rachael Sommers; a lead espionage agent working with the Ojai Organization fighting terrorists in country.

Dru will be assisted with a myriad of Texas acting talent, set locations throughout the vast Texas landscape, and some breath-taking action sequences rarely seen in low budget Independent film projects.

The show's plot and storyline are sure to set itself apart from previous "Bionic fan productions" which are just now catching fire in the U.S. The shows creator/producer, D. R. Quintana, promises that BIONICA will be a show to watch on the big screen as well as on the Internet; as the studio plans to release the first two episodes of the series as a premiere venue at the Alamo Draft House in San Antonio, Texas.
Quintana came to the realization that BIONICA's zeal comes from the local film establishments non-supportive infrastructure, which tried to prematurely shut down the series production by black-balling Q Storm Productions reputation to limit the participants in the local acting field. But instead of shutting down production efforts, the negative support brought more support from the upstarts in the acting field who were often passed up on roles; but not passed up by the casting eye of BIONICA's producer/director.

With BIONICA now entering the second stage of production, Quintana has set his eyes on stretching the planned mini-series from five episodes to seven. Each episode is planned to run forty-minutes in length and provide a good story arc and dialog to keep the fans intrigued with each new episode.

BIONICA will focus a lot of it's story elements on American pride and racism; leaving many Bionic fans to ponder whether the series will provide a heavy atmosphere of Bionic special effects to appease the hearts and minds of the classic fans who choose to follow the show.

Being known for presenting very little insight to his storylines and plots, Quintana has only stated that BIONICA will have old format special effects and many new ones; each of which have been designed to illustrate the old techniques with the new. He also added that some old names will appear in the series, but not in the capacity which they might have been known for in the original television shows.

The director seems to stand his ground that he has found the perfect actress to portray the character he has developed for over three years. "Dru is a multi-talented stage actress who has proven her acting prowess time and time again, under the noses of many local filmmakers. She has an uncanny chameleon-like ability to change her appearance and project her personae to act any age she chooses. She is devoted, committed, and doesn't complain when things get difficult. She's a team player."

A launching date has not been confirmed, but after the studio received several emails concerning the first video sneak peek provided through the studios notorious e-magazine, the studio decided it was time to shed some light on the projects current progress, and ensure fans that progress continues in the right direction.  
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