Monday, May 19, 2014


Fans have spoken up for months and the studio has chosen to respond with a special look at a fantastic Independent reboot of the Bionic Woman in BIONICA.
The studio reported that there are no more obstacles to slow the shows production for the now planned fall release of the series opener. Just this past weekend, the studio completed a long term military location shoot with BIONICA's leading lady, Dru Marie Rovito who takes on the role of Rachael Sommers; a lead espionage agent working with the Ojai Organization fighting terrorists in country.

Dru will be assisted with a myriad of Texas acting talent, set locations throughout the vast Texas landscape, and some breath-taking action sequences rarely seen in low budget Independent film projects.

The show's plot and storyline are sure to set itself apart from previous "Bionic fan productions" which are just now catching fire in the U.S. The shows creator/producer, D. R. Quintana, promises that BIONICA will be a show to watch on the big screen as well as on the Internet; as the studio plans to release the first two episodes of the series as a premiere venue at the Alamo Draft House in San Antonio, Texas.
Quintana came to the realization that BIONICA's zeal comes from the local film establishments non-supportive infrastructure, which tried to prematurely shut down the series production by black-balling Q Storm Productions reputation to limit the participants in the local acting field. But instead of shutting down production efforts, the negative support brought more support from the upstarts in the acting field who were often passed up on roles; but not passed up by the casting eye of BIONICA's producer/director.

With BIONICA now entering the second stage of production, Quintana has set his eyes on stretching the planned mini-series from five episodes to seven. Each episode is planned to run forty-minutes in length and provide a good story arc and dialog to keep the fans intrigued with each new episode.

BIONICA will focus a lot of it's story elements on American pride and racism; leaving many Bionic fans to ponder whether the series will provide a heavy atmosphere of Bionic special effects to appease the hearts and minds of the classic fans who choose to follow the show.

Being known for presenting very little insight to his storylines and plots, Quintana has only stated that BIONICA will have old format special effects and many new ones; each of which have been designed to illustrate the old techniques with the new. He also added that some old names will appear in the series, but not in the capacity which they might have been known for in the original television shows.

The director seems to stand his ground that he has found the perfect actress to portray the character he has developed for over three years. "Dru is a multi-talented stage actress who has proven her acting prowess time and time again, under the noses of many local filmmakers. She has an uncanny chameleon-like ability to change her appearance and project her personae to act any age she chooses. She is devoted, committed, and doesn't complain when things get difficult. She's a team player."

A launching date has not been confirmed, but after the studio received several emails concerning the first video sneak peek provided through the studios notorious e-magazine, the studio decided it was time to shed some light on the projects current progress, and ensure fans that progress continues in the right direction.  
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